Education: Building and Joinery in the Public Sector

Holt Building and Joinery - Suppliers and manufacturers of high quality bespoke furniture, turnkey solutions and specialist education furniture for schools, colleges and other public-sector clientsWe are a well-established supplier to Halton Borough Council, and have also worked with Knowsley Council and Sefton Council.  We understand that public-sector contracts are awarded on the basis of value for money.  Value for money, a combination of reasonable prices and high quality, comes naturally to Holt and Building and Joinery. Our public-sector customers are returning to us time and time again for their building and maintenance requirements, proving that we are providing safe, quality workmanship in schools at competitive prices.

Science Classrooms
School science laboratories are designed with the needs of the curriculum, teaching style of the school and with health and safety in mind. Each laboratory, or suite of laboratories and preparation areas, are designed to facilitate individual teaching styles.

We at Holt Building & Joinery Ltd. provide a fully coordinated design solution for all teaching styles.  Traditional fixed island benches, flexible tables and service pedestals, or octagon linked islands are amongst the choices available.

We are also able to provide a full turnkey package from laboratory strip out through to new furniture installation. gas, water, waste plumbing and electrics are included as well as fume cupboard extraction and of course final commissioning of all items.

Food Technology
Food technology rooms must accommodate various activities from investigation and evaluation through to preparation for events.

Food environments are designed to incorporate both study and preparation areas. To house white goods, bench heights are normally set at 900mm, although lower tables can be provided for written work.

When planning the food rooms special consideration is given to health and safety. Working distances such as the traveling distance from the cooker to the sink, and storage distribution, are pivotal in our planning. This helps to provide a safe operating environment in the kitchen.

ICT areas are specifically designed to enhance teaching of computer based subjects.

Holt Building & Joinery Ltd. have the flexibility to take into account your preferred teaching methods. You may want to encourage a more office-like environment or a more formal teaching environment.

Holt Building and Joinery - Suppliers and manufacturers of high quality bespoke furniture, turnkey solutions and specialist education furniture for schools, colleges and other public-sector clientsTextiles
Textiles or fabric rooms are used for a variety of design and construction activities.  Pupils are engaged in designing and manufacturing using sewing and knitting machines.

Areas are planned to include both traditional and CNC based activities.  Serviced areas are generally kept to the perimeter with the central space being left flexible for group activites.

Design & Technology
Design and Technology is a practical subject.  Students are involved in both design and construction using a wide range of materials including wood, metal, plastics and textiles.

Areas are designed to accommodate both practical and written work, taking into consideration that pupils need space to design, make and evaluate their projects.  Departments are planned with complete understanding that the relationships between each discipline and storage needs are fully satisfied.

Art & Design
Art and design is both a practical and creative subject in which students can learn through investigation, observation and experimentation.

Furniture layouts for art allow for work in both 2D and 3D with an emphasis on practical work.  Art rooms are designed to provide usable and flexible spaces which can accomodate a variety of activites without difficulty.  Art rooms are equipped to facilitate while class, group and individual activity.  Special attention is paid to flexibility, display and the correct planning of specialist areas.

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